Thank you Monika!

I'm currently reading your book Let's Talk Money and I haven't found anything as helpful as this book. Thank you for this!
Abhipsa Mondal Consumer Insights & Analytics Professional
I always dreaded the world of finance...but this book helped me to develop my interest and now I started to read articles on this subject. I always see men in this finance world but after reading this book, I know even women can also do great in this field.
Kirti Meena Student at National Law School of India University
Monika I picked up your book Let's Talk Money and read it on my long flight home. What an engaging way to talk about money whilst you share your own stories. I love the 'You are doing OK if' section at the end of each chapter.
Sirisha Kuchimanchi Global Engineering & Manufacturing Executive | Quality & Customer Management | People Development | Podcast Host |

“Monika halan has been a sane voice in Indian investment publication for over two decades. I recommend all to read, “Let’s Talk Money”.”

Ashish Chauhan
Former MD & CEO
Bombay Stock Exchange

“Let’s Talk Money transformed the way I looked at my personal savings It should be a compulsory textbook in colleges to take forward the journey of financial literacy in our country”

Ashwani Bhatia
Former Managing Director
State Bank of India

“Monika understands the Indian investor psyche like few others.”

Bindu Ananth
Dvara Trust

Thanks Monika. I have been recommending it to friends and family. You have made learning about money more accessible and will have a big impact on many people’s lives. Thanks for writing the book. Nandan Nilekani's foreword captured it well. The income, spend and invest it bank accounts has made budgeting easy (rather than tracking each line item) and I have been discussing this with my college going niece.
Upasana G Artist
Hi Ma'am, I just wanted to let you know that I loved your book Let's Talk Money. Simply outstanding.
Jay Loya CA Finalist (Group 2 cleared) |
Hello Monika Ji, I'm reading your book Let’s Talk Money. My brother recommended it. I'm not a financially aware person but now I have three bank accounts - Income, Spend it and Save it. Thanks to you.
Vivek Sharma Co-Founder- Aasra Foundation Jaipur (NGO) | Educator | Social Worker