Breeze through the world of finance with these series of talks by Monika Halan
Instead of jumping right into the deep end, this workshop helps build your confidence with a series of small steps to build your money muscle. It hand-holds you into taking more risk for that greater return.
This workshop unpacks the relationship of women with money. It helps women, both home-makers and those who also work outside the home, take baby steps towards financial control and independence.
Learn to see the difference between good and bad debt. Find out how much debt is too much and stay safe from falling into a debt trap. The workshop offers strategies to exit a bad-debt situation.
Life insurance should not be an investment, it should be risk mitigation. This workshop helps you identify who should buy what kind of life insurance and how to exit policies that don’t work for you.
Having a health plan that doesn't help you when you need it makes no sense. With this workshop identify your needs better to buy the right health insurance avoiding the tricks and traps.
Everyone needs an emergency fund. However Finding the right balance may be difficult. Learn how to create an emergency fund. Find out how much this should be and what assets to use.
This workshop helps you to answer the difficult questions around death. It puts in place protocols around nominations, Wills and helps you create a paper trail aimed at the financial security for your loved ones.
Our money won't work for us unless we get the balance between spending, saving and investing correctly. Learn the basics ratios that work at different ages and stages of your money journey.
The stock market can be a very confusing place. With this workshop, start your stock market journey by building strong foundations. Start building your long-term portfolio with simple products.
Mutual funds are an excellent route for an average investor for their money journey. The workshop helps you understand these routes to investing in equity, debt and gold and combinations of these asset classes.
A most underrated money mantra is that of having your asset allocation ratios understood and fixed. This workshop helps you understand diversification and builds a basic portfolio that works for your age and stage.