Dealing with Death

Make the “If I die before you file”

Talk Theme

Dealing with Death is a talk where Monika Halan takes you through some basic ground rules of getting your own and your family’s financial life documented. It helps you build a basic estate plan. This session is about preparing you to put order in your money life so that those left behind don’t have to deal with missing documents and assets. It also helps in an easier intergenerational transfer of wealth as you get your elders’ papers in order.

Talk Objective

Deal with a difficult subject in a human, but practical manner. You will:

  1. Understand dhan chakra, the circle of wealth.
  2. Learn why estate planning is important. 
  3. Learn how to set up nominations in various financial products.
  4. Understand the need and importance of a Will.
  5. Learn how to make it and where to keep it.
  6. Create a ‘If-I-Die-before-You’ File.
  7. Create a roadmap for the surviving partner, child or parent.

Will it if you care


Site PIX Bhopal audience

Thank You Monika!

Monika has been a speaker at many of Cafemutual events right from the beginning. She is not only articulate, she speaks with great clarity and erudition. She champions the investors rights and exhorts the entire ecosystem of financial services to adopt higher professional standards and transparency! More power to her!
Mr Prem Khatri CEO Café Mutual
Must read for anyone who wants to create wealth for himself and family from his regular small savings over the long term. Very simple explanation of financial products and relatable anecdotes having India context. I started seriously my journey towards wealth creation after listening to Monika Halan on popular television channels and deeper by commitment to wealth creation after reading the Let us Talk Money multiple times. Thank you for writing this book and helping many like me in the country.
Laxmipat Malu TPF President for Bangalore Chapter Terepanth Professional Forum
'It's an excellent read - riding on the author's characteristic candour and domain expertise that equips her to explain financial concepts and instruments in the simplest manner without talking down to her audience.
Menaka DoshiBloomberg Quint