Are you ready for the next crisis?

Put on your seatbelt and build your emergency fund

Talk Theme

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that everyone needs to build an emergency fund. With this talk by Monika Halan learn to understand the importance of this fund. Then see how to streamline your cash flows. Next build your own unique emergency fund with answers on how much and where answered.

Talk Objective

Build your cash flows and create your own unique emergency fund. You will learn:

  1. The importance of an emergency fund.
  2. That you need liquid assets for an emergency.
  3. To manage your cash flows to save enough for an emergency.
  4. Will work out how much to keep in your own emergency fund.
  5. Learn what products to use to create an emergency fund.
  6. Learn tricks to keep your emergency fund safe from impulse spending.
  7. Manage joint finances while creating your cash flows as you build your emergency fund.

Having an emergency fund gives you a cushion for unplanned events


Site PIX Bhopal audience

Thank You Monika!

Our young audience had a lot to take away from the event. Ms. Halan elegantly explained financial concepts that would otherwise have been hard to grasp. She also emphasized the importance of money management from a ripe age and encouraged the viewers to get started on their journey towards financial independence. She also broke down the stigma about women handling money and left our female viewers and host inspired by her journey and enthusiasm for the subject. It would be our pleasure to host her again in an offline mode sometime in the future.
Tanisha Ghosh Vice President The Psych Club, Manipal
Many of us were taken aback, rather alerted on the important aspects that some of us have missed doing or postponed. Monika's session has clearly instilled some of these and am sure most of our employees are going to be working on similar aspects based on her recommendations. On behalf of the ServiceNow team, thank you once again for the “most engaging & informative session”.
Sindhu Gopalakrishna Senior Business Operations Manager Service Now
Conversational in style, and comprehensive in content, Monika Halan's Let's Talk Money is just what the doctor ordered. Managing one's money need not be a nightmare, even in a world where product pushers, planners and, on occasion, regulatory action ensure that you and your money are soon parted. This should be on the top of any must-read list.
M. Damodaran Former Chairman SEBI, UTI and IDBI