How much to spend, save and invest?

Are you doing OK?

Talk Theme

Do you find yourself wondering what is the correct break up between spending, saving and investing? Are you saving enough to meet your financial goals at a later stage of life? With this talk, Monika Halan will help understand if you are doing ok. You will learn what ratios are good at what age and stage of your life and be able to take the right calls to balance today vs tomorrow.

Talk Objective

Learn the ratios that work for you at your age and stage. You will:

  1. Learn the basic ratios to spend, save and borrow.
  2. Learn to fix your goals.
  3. Apply these to your age and stage.
  4. Get your spending under the desired ratio.
  5. Work your borrowing needs and find the money for the EMIs
  6. Work through your life-time saving ratios and fit in your age and stage goals to this ratio.
  7. Find out if you are doing ok.

Use the 50:30:20 system


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Thank You Monika!

Though the school formally offers training in various areas of finance, I have always found it challenging to apply the concepts to my finances. So, my wealth management reflects inconsistency in investment and spending. Attended by 130 students and staff, Monika Halan’s talk on ‘What to do with my salary’ was pivotal in helping me get clarity in managing my personal finances. Monika broke down various complicated theories into digestible concepts and delivered easy evidence based algorithmic methods that can be used by anyone. It has helped get started with investment and not feel guilty about my spending.
MBA student London School of Business
The webinar with Ms Monika Halan on “Let’s Talk Money” was an outstanding event. It was organized on the 1st of August 2021 by Cerebro Kids. Ms Monika's years of experience, proficiency and wisdom were clearly portrayed in the manner she had conducted the webinar. She is very humble and sophisticated. Not to mention, she had engaging and entertaining content related to finance and enriched the audience with various valuable insights on personal finance and money as a whole concept. I, for one, can’t wait to earn and practice her preachings. No one could define Money as Ms Monika Halan can. As said, the session that we had with ma'am was a blessing and a great start to a whole new month. I personally found the session to be an eye-opening one. I can’t wait to cross paths again or hear Ms Monika.
Muskan Kumari Brand Manager Cerebro Kids - The Financial Literacy Academy
Too many smart people have been led to believe that "finance is not for me". In this straight-talking book about taking control of your finances, Monika Halan addresses all the questions you've had but never asked for fear of sounding silly. Engagingly written with - personal reflections, this book cuts through the clutter of products and marketing spiels to outline a system to manage money that is action oriented and will break your stupor. A must-read for people looking to get started in their personal finance and investment journeys. Monika understands the Indian investor psyche like few others.
Bindu AnanthChair, Dvara Trust