Mutual Fund Basics

Choose funds to make your own portfolio

Talk Theme

Mutual funds are the new flavour of the season. While being excellent products for retail investors, it is important that you know how to use them. Monika Halan takes you through the basics of a mutual fund and helps you use them to build your own unique portfolio that fits your age, stage and goals.

Talk Objective

The ideal retail vehicle, you still need to understand the why, how, what and how much. You will: 

  1. Understand what is a mutual fund.
  2. See why it works for an average investor like you.
  3. Understand the costs, commissions and ways to invest.
  4. Understand the difference between equity and debt funds.
  5. Choose from the large, medium and small cap categories in equity.
  6. Choose debt funds.
  7. Start building your own mutual fund portfolio.

A mutual fund is a way to pool the money of a large number of small investors and hand it over to experts to manage it


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Blue Star Conference

Thank You Monika!

Dear Monika, Thank you for your two talks which were organised for Women’s Day. Both the audiences of CIO and TMF loved the event. They learnt many new aspects of finance and investment. Looking forward to more such events together.
Rohit JerajaniRohit Enterprises Express Book Service Pune
Monika sufficiently provoked us with her insights on women’s financial independence. She then, went on to calm us down with her equally compelling notes on creating wealth. Monika didn’t blink an eye to call out all the silly mistakes that derails the plans of building a portfolio and moving towards viable financial freedom. She is brilliant!
Sheela Head HR Juniper Networks
Halan's toolbox is full of reader-friendly equipment. Her English is a kind of Indian English, with its exuberant syntax and commingling of other languages, which is also the language of her target audience. The writer draws on her experiences and those of her friends to whip up engaging anecdotes, homilies, similes, among others, which enliven and humanize her subject. Her engaging voice is just what abook of advice needs. Her tone is that of a friend forthright and compassionate.