Stock market for newbies

Taking the fear and romance out of the stock market

Talk Theme

The stock market is seen both as a magic wand to multiply money and as a den of thieves out to rip off your money. With this talk, Monika Halan will help you understand the basics of markets. How to invest in the stock market earning a seatbelt and helmet. You will get answers to questions such as why it is important to have equity in your portfolio and how to construct a basic equity portfolio.

Talk Objective

Learn to become friends with the stock market to help your money grow over time. You will learn:

  1. The difference between equity and debt.
  2. Basics of a stock market.
  3. To understand how long is long-term in equity investing.
  4. Why markets go up and down.
  5. How to begin investing in equity.
  6. How to manage your expectations and what is a realistic long-term return.
  7. How to build a starter equity portfolio.

Equity is a slow cook not instant noodles


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Thank You Monika!

Monika Halan’s book Let’s Talk Money opts for the second option and ensures that the basic tenets, essential for creating a robust financial framework, are addressed simplistically. Understanding and implementing the framework in the right spirit can surely help any individual pursue a financially meaningful life. I would even recommend finance professionals read this book for the metaphors used while explaining various concepts and terminologies in a simple yet effective manner.
Vivek DamaniInvestment Advisor
I read the book by Monika Halan a few years back. I regard this book as one of the best books on personal finance by an Indian author. Her style is very simple and to the point. She starts every chapter with an example which helps us to relate easily with the topic she discusses.
Arthgyan.comBook Review
A one-stop read for understanding the world of personal finance Written from the Indian household perspective, the book highlights dos and don'ts of the game."
Outlook Money