Let’s Talk Money Ladies!

Put on your money oxygen mask first

Talk Theme

Women tend to hand over most big money decisions to the men in their lives. Husbands, fathers, brothers or sons manage the large longer-term investments, while the day-to-day spends are controlled by women. In doing this, women hand over the control and power over their own lives. Monika Halan’s talk for women empowers them to take charge with simple steps they can begin to implement at once. It helps women put on their money oxygen masks first.

Talk Objective

How to take simple first steps towards financial empowerment. You will:

  1. Understand why women are programmed to hand over money control to men.
  2. Know how women do better than men in managing money and big money decisions.
  3. Take simple steps that can help you begin the journey to financial independence.
  4. Know how much is enough for retirement.
  5. Start fixing saving and spending ratios.
  6. Start understanding equity.
  7. Take the first steps to a diversified portfolio.

Being money-minded is smart!


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Thank You Monika!

Year after year, Monika Halan gets young women at Vedica to build a new and much-needed relationship with money. In her own words, "Financial security is the best husband for women." An extremely hands-on journey, Monika's course covers everything from understanding the need for women to govern their finances to concrete steps to become financially independent. Through clear illustrations and practical examples, she strives to ensure that the course is accessible for people from all backgrounds. Monika has enabled a lot of women at Vedica to make smarter financial decisions and she remains one of our star guest faculty.
Anuradha Das Mathur Founder and Dean- Vedica Scholars
Monika sufficiently provoked us with her insights on women’s financial independence. She then, went on to calm us down with her equally compelling notes on creating wealth. Monika didn’t blink an eye to call out all the silly mistakes that derails the plans of building a portfolio and moving towards viable financial freedom. She is brilliant!
Sheela Head HR- Juniper Networks
At Banasthali Vidyapith, the world's largest residential university for women, while we were introducing the course on personal finance for the students in law and management, our board of studies recommended that Let's Talk Money is the best reference book and therefore we have adopted it as a core textbook. The feedback from students and teachers about this book has been excellent. It's comprehensive and adopts innovative approaches in the explanation
Professor Harsh PurohitDean- FMS-WISDOM and Faculty of Law- Banasthali Vidyapeeth