Cleaning the Life Insurance Mess

Buying the right covers and removing the toxic ones

Talk Theme

Life insurance that is bundled with investment is a hard-sold product that makes money for the insurance firm and the agent or banker, but not for you, the investor. This talk helps you understand how much life insurance you need and what product types to buy. It also helps you work through which ones you need to discard. And gives you exit routes to use when the next policy is hard sold.

Talk Objective

Understand the true purpose of life insurance and work out how much you need in what. You will:

  1. Know whether you need life insurance at all.
  2. Understand which policy type suits you the best.
  3. Work out how much cover is enough.
  4. Calculate how long you need to fund the policy.
  5. Discover the hard truth why this is so hard-sold.
  6. Work out which policies to exit from and how to do it with least cost.
  7. Document what your family should be aware of to claim your insurance in the worst case scenario.

Never bundle life insurance and investment. Life insurance is not an investment. It is a risk-cover.



Thank You Monika!

When we think of a book on money and its management, we think of pie charts and bar charts. We think of boring, jargon-filled text. Let's Talk Money tries to smash all these notions and brings the reader a book that is a slice of their lives.
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The session was highly informative and stimulating covering the areas like how it’s absolutely desirable to become rich and as an individual in today’s time how imperative it is to be financially literate to know about the money basics and the money map and also to look beyond some unconventional instruments for investment like real estate and equity. The speaker’s ardent passion for finance and money was truly reflected throughout the session and the way she articulated the concept of money dynamics is highly commendable and insightful.
Aakriti Saini Assistant Professor (Department of Commerce) Sri Aurobindo College
Monika talks money to the readers in a language that is simple and easy to understand. The book focuses on the essential ways to understand what money does for us and what we need to do to ensure a balance between present needs and future security. A must read for the young and old alike."
C.B. BhaveChairman, Indian Institute for Human Settlements Former Chairman, SEBI