Buying Health Insurance

Choose a health insurance without tricks and traps

Talk Theme

Finding the right health insurance policy is a daunting task as there are thousands of policies and options to choose from. This talk by Monika Halan will help you answer essential questions around your and your family’s health insurance plan. How much cover is enough? Should you have an individual cover apart from your office cover? Should you buy a family floater? What tricks and traps to avoid. Embark on this journey to find a policy that works for you for the rest of your life.

Talk Objective

Find out why you need medical cover, how to choose a policy and what traps to avoid. You will:

  1. Find out why you need health insurance.
  2. Find out at what age to begin your own policy.
  3. Understand how much sum insured you need.
  4. Catch the fine print.
  5. Get help to choose your own policy.
  6. Learn to identify and side-step traps.
  7. Understand what documents and paperwork is needed.

You need this cover more than you need life insurance



Thank You Monika!

Being a finance graduate, I knew how the session would be or the gist of it but it did hit me with some facts and knowledge bombs. The way Monika explains is just simply beautiful. Keeping it at the right length and with relatable examples actually made many things crystal clear for me. Being early in my career I got the push to start investing again as well as got so interested in her thought process and delivery of the conversation that I ended up placing an order of her book. My mother was watching the session with me and she said only a few words like “such a powerful and nicely put session and that is how every woman should be – confident and self-sufficient”. All in all, it made me realize to work harder to have the financial independence I crave for!
Parisa Kohli Influencer and Campus Marketing Associate Groww
Most importantly, what came clear to me through the reading of the book was an earnestness – a sincere desire that the author has that you – the reader – understands what she is trying to communicate. She uses anecdotes, experiences, analogies (plenty of these), and multiple angles to a topic – all to make sure that the reader does not leave a section without a proper understanding of the subject at hand. For this sincerity, for its plain-speaking tone, for the breadth of its coverage, for its simple but effective style of writing, and for its absolutely sound and practical advice, I heartily recommend this book.
Srikanth Founding Partner
Not a get-rich-quick guide, this book helps you build a smart system to live your dream life rather than stay worried about the "right" investment or "perfect" insurance.
Financial Express Book Shelf