Diversification and Asset Allocation

Eat a balanced meal for financial fitness

Talk Theme

Both the terms – diversification and asset allocation – are used commonly by the financial sector. But there is deep meaning behind them and you need to know them very well as they form the backbone of your money box. Monika Halan helps you understand what allocation works for your age and stage and helps you build your diversified portfolio. 

Talk Objective

Action the works you hear and build your diversified portfolio. You will learn:

  1. Why you need to diversify your portfolio.
  2. To understand asset allocation.
  3. You will understand how this lowers the risk.
  4. To apply this to your age and stage.
  5. To be able to change these ratios as you change your age or stage.
  6. How to choose products for each asset class.
  7. How not to let go of your asset allocation ratios when markets go up or down.

Each product you buy must fight for its place in your money box


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Thank You Monika!

We are glad to mention that Prof. Halan has conducted the workshops in a meticulous manner and explained all the key points mentioned in ‘Let’s Talk Money’ in a very simple language to the students who hail from diverse backgrounds. Since the students do not wish to miss the workshops by the author of the referred book, there is huge rush for registrations and a large number of questions are asked in the workshops. These workshops also serve as a faculty development programme for teachers who teach the course and strengthen the conceptual foundation of doctoral students who research on personal finance.
Prof. Harsh Purohit Dean FMS-WISDOM and Law Banasthali Vidyapeeth
Monika demystifies an extremely difficult topic, that is, personal finance. Her Dhan Chakra session was not only informative but also busted some investment myths that one commonly gets pulled into in the name of investment planning.
Deepa ViswanathaDirector Group FP&A, CFO, Co lead India D&I Employee Networks CREDIT SUISSE
Let's Talk Money transformed the way I looked at my personal savings and I have recommended it to so many friends and colleagues. It is a must read for youngsters who are starting their savings journey. Simple to read and easy to understand, the book is pure common sense. It should be a compulsory textbook in colleges to take forward the journey of financial literacy in our country.
Ashwani BhatiaFormer Managing Director State Bank of India