Let’s Talk Money!

6 Habits for Financial Fitness

Talk Theme

This talk gives you a basic grounding on what it takes to get your money to work for you. It tells you to focus on NOT the products they sell, but on the problems you need the products to solve. It helps you understand that it is time to stop stalling and start planning. Remember that we don’t plan to fail. We fail to plan!

Talk Objective

How to build a money habit to be financially fit rather than overnight rich. You will learn to:

  1. Have a personal cash flow system.
  2. Build an emergency fund.
  3. Discover the borrowing, spending and saving ratios you need to have.
  4. Choose insurance and work out how much you should have.
  5. Fix your asset allocation.
  6. Give your money an equity exposure. What to start with and how much exposure fits your age and situation.
  7. Find out how much you need for retirement.

Remember that we don’t plan to fail.

We fail to plan!


Chris and book

Thank You Monika!

Ms. Monika Halan was awesome! Everyone loved her. The money mantras and investment knowledge she shared with the students will be a lifeline lesson for them. She has talked about how to create wealth and financial success which is very important in the present scenario.
Dr. Gargi Pant Shukla Associate Professor- Doon Business School
Monika’s book ‘Let’s Talk Money’ forms the cornerstone of an elective course in Personal Finance at SPJIMR. A highlight of this course is an interactive session with the author herself, where students are always enthralled by Monika’s immense knowledge, clear insights, and her ability to unhesitatingly call a spade a spade. Thank you again, Monika!
Mr. Ananth Narayan Former Associate Professor (Adjunct) - SPJMIR
Savings and investments are two different things. People who know how to save sometimes do not know how to invest, why to invest, where to invest, etc. Monika Halan has been a sane voice in Indian investment publication for over two decades. She has been a very popular and respected columnist for her views on investments which a common man can understand. I recommend all to read this book.
Ashish ChauhanFormer MD & CEO Bomaby Stock Exchange