Financial LiteracyInvestmentMoneyMoney BoxMoney With MonikaMarch 4, 2022by Monika Halan0How ‘Money Box’ Helps You Manage Money | The ET Money Show

How ‘Money Box’ Helps You Manage Money | The ET Money Show

We all get advices to live our in a certain way and manage money. But can we blindly follow others’ principles, definitely not! Each one of us earn differently and have our own style of living and worries to take care of. Therefore, how should one build a financially secured life for themselves? Should you have exposure to equity amidst the current volatility? Why should you only buy a pure term insurance plan over the moneyback life policy? Get answers to all your questions in this episode of the et money show as we speak to Monika Halan, personal finance writer, speaker, and author. Watch to know more!

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