UncategorizedMarch 8, 2020by Monika Halan0India’s RDR opens door to new generation of female investors

In which I get quoted…


However, Monika Halan, certified financial planner, consulting editor at Mint and author of financial advice book Let’s Talk Money, says that despite this, financial decision-making is still often left to male family members.

‘That crucial difference between saving and investing is really the key to female empowerment,’ Halan (pictured) said.

‘As you grow up, money matters are usually dealt with by the man in the house, whether that’s a father or a brother. Women grow up seeing their mothers spend and save but never invest.’

Over the past few decades, the drive towards female empowerment has shifted from getting women into education to getting them into work, Halan believes.

‘You discover that even when women go to work, the financial power remains with men,’ she said.

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