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Book Review in The Week

Vijaya Pushkarna writes this great review of Let’s Talk Money in The Week

“Monika Halan is a familiar face on television, giving tips on personal finance. Recently at a cafe in Auroville, she bumped into a man who told her she was the reason he was there, living his dream life. An Army officer, he had called her a few years ago to tell her he wanted to take early retirement, and she had told him his money was “enough to go free”. She gave him investment tips, too.

In her new book, Let’s Talk Money: You’ve Worked Hard for It, Now Make It Work for You, Halan shares what she has told the former Army officer and others like him. But she cautions that her book is not going to make anyone rich overnight, and has nothing exclusive in it. True, on both counts. Nowhere does she use the words ‘get rich’; the carefully chosen words are “empowerment and financial freedom”.”

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