Financial LiteracyHindustan TimesMarketsPersonal FinanceRegulationDecember 12, 2017by Monika Halan0FRDI bill: Don’t worry, your fixed deposits are safe and banks cannot use them without your consent

Your deposits will be insured, just as they are today and there is an additional protection for depositors because the bail-in can be invoked, and your deposits be lost, only if you have given your consent to the bank when you signed the deposit forms.


Bank deposits are the one true friend of a middle class Indian and any threat to their safety is terribly upsetting. The government will introduce a new bill in Parliament in the winter session called the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance (FRDI) bill. One section of this bill is causing bank depositors to fear for the safety of their money. I read the bill over the weekend and this is my understanding of what the aim of the bill is and what it means for you.

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