Narendra ModiPersonal FinanceUncategorizedJuly 30, 2019by Monika Halan0Opinion: Govt needs to spell out the new rules of the game for industry, economy

The rule book for business has changed but the government is yet to communicate what the new rulebook says.

It looked as if the rain would derail the annual Mint Mutual Fund Conclave in Mumbai where every year we debate issues related to the industry and investors. This year since we had the chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, Bibek Debroy, giving the keynote, we decided to have a closed-door roundtable where he would interact with some financial sector leaders to have a candid conversation about issues like the real GDP numbers, the budget, the slowdown that industry says is palpable and the changed rulebook of this government. There is worry among employees, investors and the industry on the slowdown in the economy. Wealth managers peg their advice and asset management decisions on potential growth, and if this number is in doubt, the ground moves from under the feet. But as the rain did not keep away the financial sector leaders or the delegates, there was an animated debate. Here are a few takeaways from the conversation and the event.

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