Let's Talk Legacy

A Financial Planner for Your Loved Ones

Yaksha: What is the greatest wonder?
Yudhisthir: Every man knows that death is the ultimate truth of life. He sees countless people dying around him, but he acts and thinks like he will live forever.
(Mahabharata, Vana Parva)

The untimely death of the person who looks after the finances of the home is a double blow to the family. The mad search for papers, files, passwords, account numbers, investment records, and service providers is real only to those who have suffered. If only the details were all in one place… If only we had paid more attention to all things money… If only… Documenting the particulars of our financial life is something that most of us intend to do, but rarely get around to doing for various reasons.

In Let’s Talk Legacy: A Financial Planner for Your Loved Ones, India’s most trusted finance writer Monika Halan lists the key aspects of your financial life, from banking, insurance, and real estate to stocks, taxes, wills, and more. Creatively designed in a workbook format that captures these essential details, this is the go-to resource that will look after your loved ones even after you are gone.

Publisher: HarperBusiness

Paperback: 160 pages

Language: English

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