Let's Talk Money

We work hard to earn our money. But regardless of how much we earn, the money worry never goes away. Bills, rent, EMIs, medical costs, vacations, kids’ education and, somewhere at the back of the head, the niggling fear of being underprepared for our own retirement.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our money worked for us just as we work hard for it? What if we had a proven system to identify dud investment schemes? What if we could just plug seamlessly into a simple, jargon-free plan to get more value out of our money for tomorrow, and have a super good life today as well?

India’s most trusted name in personal finance, Monika Halan offers you a feet-on-the-ground system to build financial security. Not a get-rich-quick guide, this book provides you a smarter way to live your dream life, rather than stay worried about the ‘right’ investment or ‘perfect’ insurance. Unlike many personal finance books, Let’s Talk Money is written specifically for you, keeping the Indian context in mind.

Publisher: Harper Collins, 2nd edition

Paperback: 217 pages

Language: English

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Praise for the Book

When we think of a book on money and its management, we think of pie charts and bar charts. We think of boring jargon-filled text. Let’s Talk Money tries to smash all these notions and brings the reader a book that is a slice of their lives. It aims to help the reader build financial security without the usual fear-mongering or guilt-tripping about enjoying a Starbucks at work every day.

The Week

Simple does it. Peppered with anecdotes, Monika Halan’s book offers easy tips on personal finance.

Unique Times Kochi

Importantly, unlike other popular books which deal with the same subject, this book has been prepared keeping the realities of the Indian society in mind.

C.B. Bhave Chairman - Indian Institute for Human Settlements and Former Chairman - SEBI

Monika talks money to the readers in a language that is simple and easy to understand. The book focuses on the essential ways to understand what money does for us and what we need to do to ensure a balance between present needs and future security. A must read for the young and old alike.

M. Damodaran,Chairman - Excellence Enablers and Former Chairman - SEBI, UTI and IDBI

Conversational in style, and comprehensive in content. Monika Halan's Let's Talk Money is just what the doctor ordered Managing one's money need not be a nightmare, even in a world where product pushers, planners and, on occasion, regulatory action ensure that you and your money are soon parted. This should be on the top of any must-read list.

Vivek LawFounder, CEO & editor-in-chief - The MoneyMile

In the world of personal finance, Monika Halan stands out as a voice of enormous knowledge combined with integrity. If you wish to manage your money well and become wealthy, this book is a must read for you
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