Financial LiteracyMoney BoxPersonal FinanceMarch 7, 2017by Monika Halan0From Valentine’s Day to Women’s Day

Women cannot afford to not be in control of their money. Here's how to begin the coneversation.

I wanted some stuff and so dropped by the nearby mall a few weeks back. I like walking in a mall. It is clean, safe, there are loos unlike in most market places in India and you don’t really need to buy anything—the buzz of happy people all around is free. Buy guys, we need to grow at 8% GDP!

On this day, I’m surprised to see all the well-dressed women. Then I notice that many are wearing red. It takes ecstatic couples taking pictures around a Taj Mahal replica made fully of roses, and it clicks into place. Ah! Valentine’s’ day! So many happy people! While people have fun on this day, there is another day that I actually want to talk about.

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