Financial LiteracyHindustan TimesPersonal FinanceJuly 1, 2023by Monika Halan0An equal wheel of the marriage cart, not just a donkey

A recent HC judgment takes a giant leap in women’s rights over assets built during a marriage

Hindustan Times

In a June 21 verdict, the Madras high court ruled in favour of equal sharing of assets built during the duration of a marriage between a man and a woman. The fact that Indian law does not consider assets built during a marriage as belonging to both partners seems to be a little known fact. It is discovered usually in court, mostly by women, who seem to get a grudging settlement, and no assets. This inequity built into the very law – that assets belong to he who pays, and not she who supports the home – results in poor money and asset outcomes for women. Or women staying on in abusive homes due to the fear of being left with nothing to show for years of work during a marriage.

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